How Do You Pick The Perfect Dress?

Picking the "perfect pageant' dress can at first seem a little bit overwhelming. But here's a hint
 IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! You see their is a pageant saying " it's not a about the dress, it is about the girl in the dress." In our pageant prep training sessions I always tell the girls you want to pick a dress that makes YOU feel great, not the dress that is the most expensive or even the most popular. The dress should be something that shows your personality. It shouldn't overwhelm or over power you. The focus should always be on you. 

White doesn't always win! There is an old pageant rumor that winners wear white. In truth this isn't the case. You can win in any color dress! Again it isn't about the dress but about the girl! Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear white, it simply means you should pick the color that fits you best. Pick something that works with your skin tone and won't wash you out on stage. 

FOLLOW THE RULES! Makes sure you read over all of the rules in your magazines. For NAM we explain all of the dress rules and regulations in your Magazine Number 1. Read through it and look at all of the pictures for your age group. 

 MAKE SURE IT IS AGE APPROPRIATE! You want to look your age. If you are 15 look 15 don't try to dress out of your age group. Embrace who you are. Pick a style that is right for your age group. 

SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE! You don't have to dress in every fancy accessory you have. If your dress has a lot of rhinestones keep your jewelry simple. If you are going to wear big earrings, maybe skip the necklace. If you are going to wear a necklace maybe wear smaller earrings. Again you want the focus to always be on you. And your jewelry should always be age appropriate. 

SHOES SHOULD COMPLIMENT YOUR DRESS! Remember your feet are eye level with the judges so make sure your shoes compliment the dress you are wearing. Make sure you are comfortable in the shoes you are wearing. Lots of times teens try to walk out in 5 1/2 inch heels and this is just necessary. You might walk more elegant in a smaller heel. Again girls should wear shoes that are age appropriate. For Princess and Jr PreTeens flats are recommended. 

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  1. Great advice in this blog. Age-appropriateness is very critical. Definitely challenging when you've got a young daughter who wants to be grown.

    Also! is another great site for buying, selling, lending and renting pageant apparel. It is free to list, sell and lend items with them.

  2. This was really helpful since I am doing NAM this year. I have a simple dress and I still want to keep the jewelry simple. I have a white dress that I wasn't very happy about in the first place. I looked up What Color Dresses Usually Win Pageants and the colors were WHITE black and red. I was really happy about that!☺


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