Ten Need to Know Tips for The Personal Introduction Competition!

The goal of personal intro is to equip you with public speaking skills. 
Figuring out just what to say can be fun and challenging. 
So lets break it down!

What is Required ? 
For NAM you must say the following:
1.) Your name
2.) Your Hometown (where you currently reside)
3.) What you want to be when you grow you up and/or something interesting about yourself.
 It is as easy 1, 2, 3!

Can you add more to your personal introduction? The is answer is ABSOLUTELY!

You want to the tell judges and audience about you and all of your exciting hobbies and ambitions!
You can share what activities you are involved in, what organizations you volunteer with and if you have won any cool awards. This is your time to stand out and show everyone how confident you are. Now here is the biggest hint of all....


The judges are not so much concerned if you tell them you like soccer over basketball. They are looking at your communication skills. You want to speak with confidence. Be proud of who you are.

A great way to get started is to grab a piece of paper a write down what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then you want to practice your personal intro and say it to groups of people. You can say it at your family get together, in front of your dance team or to some of your teachers. You want to be familiar with speaking in front of people. 

State: 30 seconds
Nationals: 1 minute 
Make sure to time yourself you don't want to go over your allowed limit.

Top Tips:
1.) Practice. Start early and know what you want to say.
2.) Let your personality shine through. 
3.) Make eye contact with the judges and the audience.
4.) Pick an interview outfit that you love
5.) Smile before, after, and during your personal intro.
6.) Stand up nice and tall with your feet in model stance.
7.) Think of creative ways to say your intro. Make it original, exciting and personal.
8.) Be natural, confident and relaxed.
9.) Don't go over your time limit.
10.) Don't chew gum, candy or mints while on stage.

Sample Personal Introductions:

National Time Limit:

State Time Limit:


  1. This will be really helpful! I am doing a pageant soon!!!! Thanks!!!!!


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