Meet The 2013 Miss Texas Princess Covergirl!

I, Kadance Glosson, have enjoyed being a part of the National American Miss pageant this year.  I was given the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends from Texas and other states.  The pageant also helped me build confidence in myself.  I had the opportunity to gain skills in public speaking and interviewing.  The National American Miss pageant gave me the opportunity to try new things I would not have tried otherwise and to show off my personality and who I am.  The pageant organization gave me the opportunity to be myself!  I was also provided the opportunity to enjoy Disneyland and with my family and friends that I met through pageantry.  I also spent a lot of time volunteering due to the pageant experience.  I provided cookies to fire fighters, modeled for women scholarships, and provided food boxes for the hungry among many other opportunities.  I would not trade my experience with the National American Miss Pageant.  I have enjoyed meeting new people and I have grown to be a better person because of my experiences.  I have learned a lot of new skills because of this opportunity. 

Thank you,

Kadance Glosson


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