Featuring Miss Texas PreTeen!

Hello Contestants,
     Congratulations and welcome to NAM.  Hope you are all ready for an amazing weekend that will be filled with lots of smiles, laughter, fun and excitement.  Get ready to make new friends and amazing memories that will last a lifetime.
     I am Julissa Garcia, your National American Miss Central Texas Preteen. I have been a part of NAM since I was 6 yrs old.  I have learned so much at NAM. I am very proud to be growing up with such an amazing organization that has inspired me to be the best that I can be and to always believe in myself and in my dreams.  NAM has inspired me to make a difference in my community and in the life of others.  I am thankful and very proud to be a part of NAM.
     This past year has been so much fun.  From being visiting royalty to traveling to Nationals, to volunteering in my community, I have enjoyed every minute. The memories that I have made at NAM, will forever be in my heart.
     Best of luck to all the contestants.  Remember to smile and have fun, but most importantly, remember you are all winners and this is your time to shine. I am honored to have represented NAM as your 2013-2014 National American Miss Central Texas Preteen Queen.
With all my love,

Julissa Garcia


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