Featuring Miss Texas Jr.Teen Covergirl

I still can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I was crowned your 2013 National American Miss South Texas Junior Teen Cover Girl. I participated in my first NAM pageant when I was 12 and have been involved ever since! Through these experiences, I have been able to gain many friendships and life skills that will last a lifetime. Nationals was the most amazing experience of my life. From meeting new friends across the country, visiting Disneyland for the first time, and getting 2nd Runner Up Volunteer Service in the country and becoming a 2013-2014 National Cover Girl, it was an experience I’ll never forget. NAM has made a positive impact in my life and every single day I’m so thankful for it. To all the girls competing this weekend, all of you are winners just for having the courage to get up on the NAM stage and trying something new. The new queen is a representative out of a group of winners. You are all amazing, talented, outstanding ladies and will accomplish so much this weekend and gain friendships and valuable life skills to last a lifetime. I wish you all good luck!!   
Katharine Pecktal
2013 National American Miss South Texas Junior Teen Cover Girl

2013-2014 National Cover Girl Junior Teen

NAM Nationals! 


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