Featuring Miss Texas Princess!

What an amazing and wonderful feeling being crowned as National American Miss Texas Princess! It started just with a dream and became a reality on June 8, 2013. I joined with excitement & joy, showed off my talents in singing & modeling....i am so proud I got a lot of trophies  that day, that includes the Miss personality award, talent winner and more.....to top it all I got to go to California to represent Central  Texas. As Miss Texas I joined the Fourth of July Parade, I had the opportunity to meet the city of Huntsville’s  Mayor Woodward, volunteered  in every event I can and donated my time at Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter. It feels great knowing that in my own little way I could be of service to our community.
I had great time during the National pageant, from the Hollywood tour to the castle at Disneyland. I met all Disney characters and princesses… What a blast we had!  .aside from all of these wonderful experiences I met many girls like me across the state and made good friends. We had fun in every rehearsals and even during the pageant we can't just help but play....and that's one thing I will cherished in my heart  ....it made me even happier when I got 2 national titles ...National Actress & National Casual Wear Model!
These will never be possible without our Good provider above who always guide and bless us, Almighty God thank you for giving me talents to share with others. To Daddy & Mommy thank you for helping me find my wings...I am so blessed to have you both. Lolo & Lola, Tatay & Nanay for their unending love and support, to all my Titas & Titos, relatives & friends thank you for all the financial help & for believing in me...to NAM thank you for the opportunity and for making me part of NAMily ...thank you all so much for helping me realize my dream.....
To all the girls and to the next Miss Texas Princess good luck, enjoy and have fun!

Kristel Fae Cababasay 
Miss Texas (Central) Princess 2013


  1. Aw she's so cute great job Kristel!


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