NAM Tips from Former Two Time National Winner Olivia Henken!

Tips From Olivia:

Hey ladies!! Welcome to Nationals! Seems like just yesterday I was in your shoes preparing for the most exciting week of my life! I was so blessed to be able to compete at the National level of National American Miss twice and those are cherished moments I won’t soon forget. If I could give you any advice, most importantly, BE YOURSELF. The judges on the state level already fell in love with the girl you are, show the National judges what lies within that beautiful shell. Second, always remember to have a smile on your face. You never know who’s watching; It could be a judge or a Princess contestant longing to be you one day. Wearing a National American Miss crown and sash is a honor and you are now a role model for so many girls you may not even know are looking. Lastly, HAVE FUN! The staff at National American Miss provide you with so many fun activities and a platform to meet so many wonderful new friends from across the country. I still keep in touch with many of those girls today, some are my best friends. You will have an incredible experience if you open up, be yourself and have fun! Good luck!

Olivia is a two time former NAM National winner! 

Olivia during her days as The 2007-2008 National American Miss Teen! 

Where Is She Now?

National American Miss has been an incredible stepping stone to so many wonderful things in my life. Since passing my last title over in 2008, I have been very busy expanding my scholastic and music careers. In 2010, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management with minors in Marketing and Communications from the University of Louisville. Most significantly, I was on Season 5 of NBC’s hit TV show, “The Voice” where I placed in the Top 20 as a member of Christina Aguilera’s team. I know my placement wasn’t without the help of many of my National American Miss family, both old and new. If you voted in any way, downloaded my songs on iTunes, called, sent texts, emails, from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU! You have helped make one of my biggest dreams come true. It was an incredible experience and I wouldn’t have made it there without your support. As of now, I have moved to Nashville, TN to continue making strides towards my ultimate goal, “Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year” (which was included in every personal introduction for my competition days!) You can now download my new EP, “Set It On Fire” on iTunes, which I recorded in Nashville in May 2014.

Olivia on THE VOICE! 

Keep your eyes and ears opened for this amazing artist!
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