True Beauty to 10 year Old Jazlyn Qualls...

Jazlyn Qualls

            What is true beauty? For the longest time I thought that true beauty was one’s outward appearance. I thought it was seen on those who grace the cover of magazines: no flaws, no imperfections…just absolutely PERFECT. But I’m 10 years old! So to me this just seemed right.
            When I became accepted as a state finalist in NAM’s Oklahoma Pre-teen division my dad and step-mom started harping a lot about true beauty and how I appeared to have none. We had a lot of talks about exactly what true beauty is and how to achieve it. After several months of this I think I finally have it figured out.
            To me, true beauty is inside of you. It is one’s inner beauty. So what’s inner beauty? It’s just true beauty but basically tells you where that true beauty is…inside of you.
            True beauty is the qualities one shows to those around them: caring, concern, compassion, and friendliness. Having these qualities can make anyone a true beauty.
            I know how busy I have become since becoming a part of the NAM family on top of my other activities, but if I can slow down enough to exhibit such qualities then everyone can. All it takes is a willingness to step up and help those less fortunate even if scared, taking a split second to smile and say “hello” to all in your path, going out of your way to comfort those needing comforting. All of this shows one’s true beauty.


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