Featuring Miss Texas Jennifer Rye!

I have always believed that God will never place a dream deeply in your heart without letting it come to fruition, for he knows your truest desires. Eleven years, three state runner up trophies, and one national runner up trophy later… Here I am as your Miss Texas.
                  This year has truly been the biggest blessing I could have ever wished for. Throughout my reign, I founded the local Rotaract in my hometown, traveled to six different cities for open calls and trainings, was Visiting Royalty at the North Texas pageant, and of course flew to Nationals to represent Texas.
                  At Nationals,  I was  beyond shocked and ecstatic to walk away with third runner up in the National Actress competition. Although I did not win the crown, they mean it, when they say you learn more about yourself in your defeats than you do in your successes.
                  Mama and Daddy, thank you for being my number one supporters and for always giving me the strength to get back on the stage each and every year. You’ve shown me how to fight for what I want.  Y’all are truly my super heroes. I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know. I could honestly write a whole speech just for you.
                  Mommie, Rachel, Hillary, Nanny, Aunt Racheal, and everyone else that has helped me get where I am, thank you. You all mean the world to me. Sawyer. My best friend, rock, soul sister, cheerleader, future bridesmaid, and little. Thank you for being one of the best things that NAM ever gave me. You are such a blessing and I love you to the moon and back.
                  Thank you to the NAM staff for creating a system that produces not only queens, but dreamers. Thank you for giving me something that is so hard to say goodbye to.  Michelle, thank you for encouraging me to take a chance on this system, I wouldn’t be standing up here without you.
                  Hannah, Kamryn, Emma, Rebecca, and Arianna. Thank you for sharing this year with me- you are all the sisters I’ve always wanted.
                  To my successor, welcome to the family. You are in for the most amazing year of your life. Take a ton of pictures, but also- put the camera down and remember to live in the moment because it goes by way faster than you think.  Never forget that there are a thousands of girls who wish they could be in your spot, so cherish it with all of your heart. You make the crown, the crown doesn’t make you.

Signing out for the last time, I am your 2015 National American Miss Texas, Jennifer Elizabeth Rye.


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