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With the 2011 National American Miss National Pageant right around the corner, I went straight to the pros to give out the best advice. I asked NAM girls:
 "What is the best pageant advice you have ever received?"
Lets see what they had to say...

Laura Nguyen :always have the right amount of confidence... never be over confident ... never not have any confidence at alll. always be right in the middle

Brianna Haggerty Cannon:( 2005-2006 National American Miss) Being a queen isn't about you. It's about representing something much bigger than you, so you have to be relatable. A queen has to be able to talk to anyone about anything and have a likable personality. Thus, it is important for those qualities to translate in your personal introduction and interview.

Sarah Odell: Smile like you already won, do your best, trust God, and dont give up!
Ravayna Tracey:(2002-2003 National American Miss Teen)  positive pageantry is a must!
if you compete only for a crown and title, the chances are good that you will wind up disappointed. but if you compete with a positive attitude, looking to gain self confidence, new friends, and experience, you will always be a winner!
Haleigh Newman :In interview, it's just like talking to your friends parents or your parents friends.

Sherelle Peterson: You don't have to go into debt to be in pageants, start buying used pageant wear!! I love saving money!

Robin Walters: I use to tell all 3 of my beautiful daughters, just be yourself, and SMILE!

Charika Jordan :A crown doesnt make you a winner your a winner inside your heart!

Kelly Young Klein :To take a breath~ I need to remind myself of that when I have three girls that compete! But the best advise that was ever given to my girls was to go out there and be themselves~ and do their best!!! It really is that simple! No one can ask any more of you. I am always in awe of the girls that do pageants and the grace and confidence that they have!!!

Monica Grace Wolfe: Be Yourself and the Judges will Love you

Amanda Temperton: Be you and walk on stage knowing that you are beautiful and worth it!
              The 2010-2011 National American Miss National Titleholders!


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