Featuring Former National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Olivia Miller!

It's been 10 years since this beauty captured her NAM National Title! In honor of their 10th anniversary we would love to feature our 2005-2006 NAM National Titleholders! Stay tuned for updates to see what they are up to now! 

A note from Olivia: 

Olivia recently moved to New York City to start her freshman year at LIM College. She is majoring in Fashion Merchandising and concentrating in styling. One day she hopes to create her own dress line, but for now she is enjoying shopping on 5th Avenue, going to Broadway shows, taking walks through Central Park, and taking in the city and all it has to offer one adventure at a time.
Olivia will never forget the feeling she had on the national stage as her name was called as the National American Miss Jr.Pre-Teen. Olivia’s favorite memory from her year was traveling to other state pageants and meeting the contestants and their families. This also gave her the opportunity to meet the other state directors with NAM. Traveling to Texas for the national photoshoot was the highlight of her year. She was able to spend a long weekend bonding with her sister queens and the NAM staff. Another highlight was going to Las Vegas for the Miss America pageant. Her overall favorite part of the whole year was getting to spend extra special bonding time with her mom, Chris. Traveling from state to state together and making up her introductions on the way to the pageants (it’s a Miller thing). Olivia and Chris were able to spend a few extra days at the Florida state pageant and went to Universal Studios, a memory they still look back on and will never forget. Olivia has stayed in contact with most of her sister queens through the years and has enjoyed being apart of their lives with weddings, babies, colleges, and even high school volleyball games. The National American Miss family will always hold a special place in Olivia’s heart.
Olivia has captured a total of four state titles along with her national title. She, along with her sisters, Victoria and Alexandria, were crowned the very first Ohio Princess, Jr.Pre-Teen, and Pre-Teen in 2003. What a year that was! She has also won 2 National Photogenic titles and 2 Most Promising Model honors. The experience of competing on the national stage kept Olivia coming back for more. The friendships that she made with her NAMily are the friendships she holds closest to her heart today. She would like to thank Steve and Kathleen Mayes for offering such a positive pageant experience. NAM and her NAMily has helped mold her to the confident young woman she is today.

Olivia Miller
2005-2006 National American Miss Jr.Pre-Teen
From the great Buckeye State of Ohio


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