Check out Miss Ohio Teen!

Wow! What a blessing this year has been!  I will never forget the mix of emotions I felt when I finally heard my name called as the 2014 teen queen. After 12 years of dedication and hard work, my dream had finally came true.
Throughout my reign I have participated in many parades, charity walks and food drives however most of my time was spent promoting my platform D.A.R.E to be Different by raising money for the D.A.R.E program and speaking with kids and teens on the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse.
Traveling to California in November and competing at the national pageant was a dream come true. I got to walk the national stage for the first time ever, go to Disneyland, walk the famous streets of Hollywood and made the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.
My journey with NAM began when I was just 4 years old and placed in the top 20 after standing on stage saying I wanted to be Cinderella and singing “I’m a little t-cup” in interview.  I then came back 11 more years and repeatedly made the top 5, but never won the crown until my very last year competing. NAM has given me so much more than just a crown & banner, but self-confidence, lifelong friendships and skills that I continue to use and carry throughout my everyday life.
To Steve, Kathleen and the rest of the NAM staff, thank you for everything you do and for this wonderful pageant system. I can truly say I would not be the same girl without the 12 years I have spent growing up in this system. You are the reason I am the woman I am today.
To my sister queens, thank you for being the best little sisters I never had.  You all will accomplish so much in your future and I will be there for you every step of the way.
Brittney, thank you for always being my number one fan and cheering me on hundreds of miles away. Blake, thanks for being the best looking escort a sister could ask for and for dealing with those last minute beauty and hair checks backstage. Mawmaw, thank you for being my guardian angel on my shoulder reminding me to keep my chin up and shoulders back.  Mom, you’re the real MVP.  Thanks for all the endless love and support and never giving up on my dreams.
Victoria, you are one of the greatest gifts NAM has ever given me.  Our titles may be ending but our friendship is just beginning.  Thank you for being the most wonderful friend a girl could have.
To my successor, get ready for the greatest journey of your life. Enjoy every minute and don’t blink, it goes by faster than you could ever imagine.

For the last time I am your 2014 Miss Ohio Teen Brooke Fraley


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