It's Been an Incredible Year for Miss Florida Jr. Teen!

I have constantly been reminded of the age-old saying “the third time’s the charm.” Last year, I witnessed the statement reign true, as I walked across the Florida stage for the third time, before hearing my name called as your 2014 Miss Florida Junior Teen.
         I was able to spend the previous year accomplishing incredible feats. I became a volunteer with multiple organizations, before creating my own organization with my mother, known as Beautiful Wisdom. I was also an attendee at multiple Special Needs dances, and Royal Princess Ball. During open calls and training sessions, I traveled the state in search of our next state finalists. I aided in judging/crowning at the Queens of the Crown pageant, where I met some Florida State finalists! Girls from across the nation have reached out to me to pursue a title with national American Miss.
         State finalists: you mustn’t forget to let your truest self shine through. After all, the judges are simply hoping to see the confident, poised girls standing before them. You are all so blessed, and if your dreams don’t come true this year, keep in mind there will always be another year, another pageant, and another chance. I promise, you will make it to where you’re supposed to be with the right combination of perseverance and opportunity.
To my successor: I am so unbelievably proud of you! I am already astonished with your accomplishments, and I know we will become fast friends. Congratulations sweetheart, and welcome to the sisterhood! You can come to me for anything. I love you girls to the moon and back. Thank you all so much for impacting the most incredible journey of my life.
Faith Alyssa Behanna

Miss Florida Junior Teen


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