Featuring Miss Washington Jr. Pre-Teen!

Walt Disney once said, "All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to purse them."  It was my courage that lead me back to the NAM stage last year.  I had competed for the title of National American Miss Jr Pre-Teen for the two years before.  I was not going to compete last year and 1 month before pageant weekend, my courage took me to my Mom and insisted that I try one more time.  It was my courage and determination that allowed me to be crowned your 2016 National American Miss Jr Pre-Teen. 

What I was most excited for was the trip to Disneyland to compete for the national title.  I got to travel to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and see the Hollywood sign in person!  Of course going to Disney is every girls dream.  I loved the rides, characters and food.  However, my FAVORITE moment was meeting Chewbacca!  He wrapped me in his arms in a giant hug and we had the best conversation, because of course I speak wookie.  While all the trips we took were amazing, it was meeting all the girls from around the country that made the week so special.  I loved spending time with girls that had dreams as big as mine and I know we are headed for dreams even bigger.  The friendships I make with my pageant sisters will last a lifetime!
To my Washington sister queens.  It was unfortunate that due to crazy schedules and horrible roads this winter, we did not get to spend a lot of time together.  You all are an amazing group of women.  I loved the time I got to spend with you at Nationals and cheering you on while you competed on the big stage!
These big dreams and goals would not be possible without the support of my amazing family and friends!  My mom and dad are my biggest fans and it's always my goal to make them so very proud of me.  My JG is a miracle worker and is the reason I look so good on stage!  I LOVED that my Mimi and Papa were able to come to Nationals and watch me compete.  They made my cheering section complete! To the best coach ever, Jeremy Monlux.  It takes a special person to keep me focused and encourage me to embrace my inner Star Wars geek!
Being a part of the NAM family has allowed me to build confidence that will positively impact everything I do!  To the girls competing this weekend, you are incredible just for stepping onto this stage!  Walk into the room with a smile and the confidence of knowing just how amazing you are!  Take if from me, NEVER GIVE UP!  If you don't succeed, come back and try again!  I came back again and made my dreams come true!
May the Force Be With You!
Kendall Beasley
Your 2016 National American Miss Jr Pre-Teen


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