Featuring Miss Texas Pre-Teen and National American Miss Pre-Teen!

Dear State Contestants,

Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a princess. NAM helped me make that dream come true.  When I won the Miss Texas Preteen title, it was one of the best experiences of my life!  I was crowned by one of my best friends who I met through NAM years ago.  Winning the title opened the door to so many possibilities, such as planning a fun run for the AVM Research Foundation, organizing a photo shoot with my Texas sister queens, helping other girls at NAM open calls and trainings and going to Nationals to compete for the National American Miss Preteen title. 

I could not wait to meet all the other contestants at Nationals.  I love all the themed rehearsals, especially the Disney princess theme where I dressed up like Cinderella.  Going to Disneyland was a blast especially riding the rides and bonding with my mom!!!  I even went outside of my box and tried something new by competing in the Talent competition.  I placed in the top five!  Not only did I come home with the best dancer award from the neon-themed party event, but I came home with the National title!  I was absolutely on top of the world!!!

Meeting new people, visiting new places and making unforgettable memories...NAM has given me all of these wonderful gifts!  I have met so many people that I can call my best friends because of NAM.  I am so humbled and blessed to be apart of an organization that encourages girls to dream BIG and promotes self-confidence.  NAM has instilled in me a sense of giving back to others, striving to be the best I can be and never giving up on my dreams!

Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Mayes, all of the NAM staff, and my friends and family for supporting me in all of my endeavors and keeping me grounded!  I love you all!!!

To all the contestants this year, always be the best version of yourself!  Have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime!!!!


Joey McDowell


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