Featuring Miss Kansas Princess!

It's hard to believe it has been one year since I was crowned. After coming in first runner up The last two years you can imagine the look on my face when my  name was called as the new 2016 Nationals American Miss Kansas Princess.  My dreams were coming true right before my eyes. After being crowned I didn't waste a single second of my rain. I got the privilege of donating all of books and school supplies from the princess division to the KAKE news school drive and I was even on the TV. I spent the next few months volunteering my time with different organizations that benefit children with special needs. Before heading to nationals I even got to be on the radio Q 92 the beat and would live on the air. Then it was off of Hollywood. I got to meet so many new friends from across the country. We Spent the day in Disneyland and even took a tour of Hollywood and played in the sand at the Santa Monica pier. But one of my favorite parts was being on that stage. I made top five in actress, second runner-up in best resume and even won the Spirit stick. I even placed 11 out of 40 girls at nationals so close the top 10 but that's OK because the best part about nationals was all of the friends that I made! The hardest part was the goodbyes, but I know that they will be mine Namily forever. 
Thank you so much to National American Miss for creating an amazing organization for girls like me learn valuable life lessons that I will take with me forever.
For the final time I will forever be your 2016 Miss Kansas princess Averie Mountain!


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