Featuring Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen Cover Girl!

I can’t believe how quickly a year goes by!  On August 14, 2016 I was crowned National American Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen Cover Girl.  I was so excited to bond with my sister queen National American Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen, Nyla. We exchanged numbers with each other and our other sister queens and the rest was history.
My year started with a photo shoot starring the NAM New Jersey Royalty at the beach. Most of us went to lunch afterwards with our families so we could bond some more.
I joined the NAM New Jersey Princess and Jr. Pre-Teen to raise money for charity by holding an Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  We had so much fun!
Some of the older girls got together to make some meals at the Ronald McDonald House in Long Branch, NJ.  It was a lot of fun sharing the kitchen and working together. I volunteered with my sister Pre-Teen Queen Nyla at a homeless shelter spreading good cheer and fun to some young children.Next on my journey was a send off party for Nationals!  We all got together to discuss Nationals, get advice from our sister queens who had previously been to Nationals and of course good luck wishes for each other as we were hoping for any of us to return home with additional titles!  We had a lot of fun meeting other NAM girls from across the country.
Upon our return home, after an amazing experience at Nationals, we had a holiday celebration. The new year started off with a festive day at a NY Rangers game with Namily. Our families bonded some more as we checked at a special outdoor celebration which concluded with a visit to see the Stanley Cup Trophy.   
Along with Nyla & our moms we headed to North Carolina to volunteer at the South Caroline/North Carolina Pageant.  We had a wonderful time meeting their current royalty and becoming friends.  They were very welcoming to us.  The girls and their moms were great! We had a blast meeting the Pre-Teen contestants.
So far this has been the best year ever!  I have developed friendships with my fellow queens which I know will last a lifetime.  My advice to anyone competing in a NAM pageant is to relax and have fun!  No matter what the pageant outcome you will make some new friends that will probably become friends for life! 

Good luck and I can’t wait to meet my fellow competitors at the National American Miss New Jersey Pageant.  See you soon.


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