This adorable Princess has had a blast Representing Oklahoma!

It has been one year since I was crowned your 2016 Oklahoma Princess, and even at this moment I can still remember the excitement, nervousness, and overwhelming happiness I felt that day.   This was my first NAM experience, and it is one that I will never forget.

As your reigning Miss Oklahoma Princess, I loved giving back to the community who has always been so supportive of me.  I worked with Tall Tails and Rescue, rode in the parade with our Mayor, and interviewed our State Officials.

The most memorable moments are the times I spent with my sister queens.  Each one was always there to give me advice, share a hug with me, and of course take selfies.  NAM really creates a sisterhood like no other.

Thank you to my Nana who was my personal stylist, and to my family who gave me the biggest and loudest cheering section.  Thank you to Miss Dani for teaching me how to be my best.   Lastly, thank you to NAM for this opportunity.  I hope to be able to spend several more years on your stage.

Finally, to my successor, enjoy your time as the new Miss Oklahoma Princess.  Make lots of memories, help your community, and spend time with your sister queens because you might just find your new best friend.   If I can leave you with anything, it would be to have fun and smile… always.  For the last and final time, I am your Oklahoma Princess Amilia Garcia.  


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