Featuring Miss Texas Pre-Teen Justice Thompson!

The road to winning the Miss Texas Pre-Teen title wasn’t an easy one. Year after year since I was 7 years old I stood strong as my name was NOT called as the queen.  Then last Summer as I finally heard it. My name, Justice Thompson as the 2013 Miss Texas Pre-Teen.  This was my dream come true and I got to share the incredible honor with my baby sister Mckenna, who beat me to the NAM Crown by one day.
So with my sister and family by my side I headed off to my California National Adventure.  Standing on the stage with my North Texas Banner was everything I had ever expected and I could not have been happier to represent my great state.
Back home with my Pet goat Bro I continued my involvement with FFA, volunteered at events for our local Animal Shelter and delivered gifts to kids at the Children’s Home.  Knowing I made a difference to those children on Christmas Morning is a feeling I will never forget and hope to always repeat.
I am so grateful for all the encouragement I have received from so many.
My incredible family who gave me strength when I needed it most and who love and support me in everything I do.
Good luck to all the contestants this summer. Keep chasing your dreams and can’t wait to see you soon.

Farewell and see you down the road, 
Your 2013 Miss Texas Pre-Teen Justice Marie Thompson 

 Fun at The NAM National Pageant! 



 Open Calls with little  sister! 

Walking The Red Carpet!


Justice Thompson Miss Texas Pre-Teen 2013 


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