Featuring Miss Oklahoma 2013

Being crowned your 2013-2014 NAM Oklahoma jr. teen has been an experience that I will cherish and hold onto for a lifetime. Becoming a state queen has given me skills and leadership qualities that I will use to conquer anything life throws my way. My year consisted of being able to participate in amazing activities all over the state of Oklahoma such as the OU homecoming parade, volunteering in my community, and other countless activities with memories that I will hold close to my heart as long as I can. I was also given the chance to fly out to sunny California and compete in the NAM nationals. There, I was blessed with new bonds and friendships with my sister queens that will never be broken. NAM has taught me that it is not your appearance on the outside that matters, but the appearance of your heart that plays a big role in all your accomplishments in life. Hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude can get you further than you imagine. So, with this chapter of my life quickly coming to a close, I want to wish the upcoming state finalists good-luck and a reminder to have fun, make lots of memories, and take TONS of pictures. This is a memory you will never forget.

Sienna Salas
Miss Oklahoma Jr. Teen


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