Featuring Miss Ohio PreTeen!

Being crowned NAMISS’ Ohio Preteen for 2013 - 2014 is a dream come true.  I started competing in pageants in 2008, because I had a speech disorder that I was trying to overcome.  At times, I was barely understandable, but because of NAMISS, I wanted to practice my sounds and syllables to try and win the crown.  Now, this moment is phenomenal as my 6 year dream has given me clear speech and a beautiful crown.  Thank you NAMISS for this opportunity.  I walk in more confidence then I ever thought was possible.  I have learned to never give up on your dreams.  As far as my year of reign, I have had a blast meeting Miss America, speaking on the Ohio State Senate Floor to all my senators, having my local news channel do a story about me and helping  war veterans and our regional Animal Rescue.   At Nationals, I was 1st in actress, 4th in speech, 3rd in top model and 8th over all.  Meeting Mickey Mouse, touring Hollywood, hanging on the beach and seeing old and new friends from all over the country was priceless. To all the girls competing this weekend; you are already a winner because you are showing the confidence to get up on that stage.  We all face obstacles in life and no matter what your mountain is, never give up; go for your dreams and have fun!  Best wishes to everyone who is competing this year.  Take lots of pictures, make friends with those who are strangers and rock that stage!  

With Love,

Miss Ohio Preteen

Sydney Kinne


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