Featuring Miss Florida Jr. PreTeen Covergril!

Serving as your 2013-2014 Florida Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl has been a privilege and a blessing for me. Throughout my reign, my goal to service others and inspire others to do the same was made. This year has been an adventure because I had the opportunity to help in other pageants around Florida. Last year I helped at the Miami, Florida pageant for the first time and let me tell you, it is A LOT of work! My favorite part was helping the contestants that were nervous to feel comfortable and I was able to assist them with things they were not sure about. This year I made many new friends that I will have lifetime memories with. My sister queens were always there to support me and I am happy that we talk everyday!
Through my reign, I was able to help out a lot in my community. For a week, I visited children at the Ronald McDonalds House who were in need of someone to play and read to them. Every month I go to the Ronald McDonald house to visit them and bring them more toys. Also, I donated books and coloring books to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital for kids with cancer. I have donated school supplies to many schools for children who cannot afford them.  One day I did an auction at my house to raise money for the Morris Animal Foundation. I raised $214 dollars to find cure for dogs that have cancer. In my dance studio I volunteered to dance at a Gala Event where we put on a show for the city of Boca Raton and people were to pay for the tickets and that money went to SOS Kids. SOS Kids is an organization for kids that live in an adoptive home an accept donations and personal house needs. Therefore for my 10th birthday I told all my friends to not get me a gift, but to bring items for SOS Kids such as tissues, toilet paper, toothpaste, tooth brush etc. NAM gave me the ability to help others and inspire others to do so.
            Being a part of NAM this past year has been an amazing experience. To all the contestants and my successor I just want to tell you to have fun and to make new friends that you will have for a very long time. Remember you are a girl with dreams and by doing this experience you have started to follow those dreams. I am so thankful for the NAM community and my sister queens for the lifetime memories I have.

Your 2013-2014 Florida Jr. Pre Teen Cover Girl,

Brianna Bruzzo  


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