Featuring Miss Florida Pre-Teen Cover Girl!


   My NAM journey began in the Summer of 2014 when I, like all of the other contestants, received that NAM open call letter in the mail. I was this shy 12-year-old girl who had only been in one pageant but also excited for what was in the store. I shyly attended open call and had my first photo shoot. Leaving open call, I was praying and hoping to get a second invitation. After what seemed like forever, it came in the mail and I was so excited.
Walking away as first runner up in my first NAM Pageant was amazing, but what was better was the boost in confidence and self- esteem that came from that accomplishment. Fast forward to summer 2016 where I won BIG! I walked away with the Most Photogenic award, the Most Promising Model award, was 2nd runner up in the Casual Wear competition and won the Spirit of America Award but, best of all, I was crowned your 2016 Florida Preteen Covergirl.
                  During my reign, I had the opportunity to volunteer at several organization such as Give Kids the World where my sister queens and I played princesses for the kids in the village. I also volunteered at Feeding the Children Everywhere where I helped prepare 20,000 meals in 1 hour and a half that were delivered to children of Central Florida. Volunteering inspired me to start my own foundation “Alexa’s Closet” where I partnered with the Women’s Resource center of Winter haven to provide gently used clothing and basic necessities to homeless children throughout Central Florida. Open calls were great too!
                  I would like to thank God for allowing me to have such an experience, Mr. and Mrs. Mayes for putting together a pageant that is deeper than beauty and helps young girls get prepared for the future. I would like to thank my brothers for putting up with all the girly stuff and being such great escorts, my aunt Tammy and uncle Nehi for always supporting me and traveling with me everywhere I go, my uncle Remmon for sponsoring me when I need it and most of all Mom, Dad, and Grandma. Mommy, thank you for always preparing me, practicing with me and putting all my clothes together. Dad, thank you for always being a great escort and always encouraging me to do my best and Grandma, thank you for providing my sponsorship, clothing and supporting me in everything I do. To my sister queens I have enjoyed the time we spent together, thank you. To my NAM sisters thank you for the lasting friendships we have built.

                  To my successor, enjoy every moment of your NAM journey, make it the most memorable experience you can and hang on for the ride, it goes fast! For the girls whose names are not called on stage tonight, don’t stop here! Continue your NAM journey and fulfill your dream because a NAM girl is a girl with dreams. If at first you don’t succeed try, try again. Signing off your 2016 Miss Florida Preteen Covergirl Alexa Marie Major.


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