In Loving Memory of Miss Texas Princess Cover Girl Harper Howard

Harper likes toys with lights, instrumental music, shinny beads and the wind in her hair.  Harper has taught us about patience, communication and love.  Patience we thought we had but realized we didn’t .  Communication we thought we knew but now know it’s about more than just words.  Love we thought we felt and understood but now know it is an unexplainable experience you hope everyone has.  All of which are encompassed in Time...something more valuable than anyting you could purchase or find.  For without TIME you cannot learn to be PATIENT, understand COMMUNICATION or feel LOVE. 

As a National American Miss Texas Cover Girl Princess Harper embodied HOPE, spread through, and Run4Hope benefiting seizure research and awareness.  Harper's final gift to this world was the donation of her organs to further scientific research for CDKL5, Seizures, and other rare diseases.


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