Featuring Miss Ohio Princess Mackenzie Welch!

Since I was crowned Miss Ohio Princess this last year has been one adventure after another. I made new friends in many states and became close with my sister queens in Ohio. I enjoyed the new experiences.
I was featured in my local newspaper and even interviewed at a TV station. I loved riding in a convertible for parades, the Cincinnati Reds opening day parade was my favorite. I got to have a sleepover with my sister queens. We also had fun being recognized at a Columbus Clippers game together.
Some of my community accomplishments include: collecting and passing out schools supplies, and collecting pop tabs and money for The Ronald McDonald House. I created an after school program called “Be You, Be Proud” to help girls be confident and proud of who they are. I ran my first 5K this year which I am very proud of! I felt most proud during open calls and training sessions, when I had the opportunity to help other girls get ready for this year’s pageant.
NAM gave me the opportunity to experience California and boy was it fun. I got to compete and meet all the other Princess Queens from across the United States. I now have a friend from Texas with the same name. My mom, dad, and brothers came along so we made it a family vacation. We took a tour of Hollywood, hit the beach, and spent the day at Disneyland.
Thanks to all of the NAMily who have touched my life this year. Thank you to my mom, dad, grandparents, and friends for always being there to support me. I also want to thank my brothers for being my escorts and for always tagging along.
Best of luck to this year’s contestants.
“Be You, Be Proud”
    Mackenzie Welch
    Miss Ohio Princess


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