Featuring Miss Texas Pre-Teen 2014!

Farewell Speech

One year ago, I nervously stood on stage with some of my best friends that I had met through NAM. Hearing my name called as the 2014 National American Miss Texas Pre-teen was a moment I will never forget; blood rushing and a smile so big, you could see it from outer space. After hearing, “Hannah Sizenbach,” I pinched myself 3 times to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I take that back; it was a dream, a dream come true. My first year with NAM, I was a shy nine year old girl. Now after year number 3, as I crown my successor, I’m proud to say that I am an outgoing, chatterbox of a thirteen year old. NAM has helped me find my voice, whether I’m in a restaurant or presenting a speech to thousands across the nation. Not to mention, my year of reign was the journey of a lifetime. I was able to bring notice to organizations like the Granite Shoals Police Officer Association, Fashion 4 Shelters, and countless more! I hosted toy, school supply, and clothing drives, as well as putting together care packages for children entering the CPS and recent flood victims. I was honored to be able to attend Nationals in California over Thanksgiving. What better way to spend the holiday than Disneyland, Hollywood, making new friends from across the country, and having a blast with your family. None of it would’ve happened without my mom; she takes me everywhere, makes me practice, and doesn’t let me make too much of a fool of myself. But no matter what happens, she always loves me. Then there is my dad who lets us use his credit card. Thanks Dad. My “Pageant Fairy Godmother,” Billy Jones, was also a huge part of my success. He wouldn’t let me attend an event without my hair done properly. I owe it to you, Billy. Thank you to Kathy and Steve Mayes, for making the NAM stage a place to call home. To my sister queens, I know I couldn’t have made it through the year if it weren’t for our shared laughter. Last but not least, thank you to the NAM judges. You guys were the ones who embarked me on such a magnificent journey that I will never forget. To my successor, it may be the end of your competition, but it’s the beginning of an awesome reign. For the last time, I am your 2014 National American Miss Texas Pre-teen, Hannah Paige Sizenbach.


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