Featuring Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen!

Being crowned Miss NJ Pre-Teen was such an astonishing moment for me.  I was pleasantly surprised and is still in amazement that my name was called.  I participated with so many talented and beautiful young ladies,   I am proud to say that I am a NAM girl,  it has done so much for me, the life skills that come from pageantry and this organization is priceless, girls learn to dream big, and express themselves positively with respect, poise and confidence.           

Being a NAM girl has made me realize that self-confidence is one of the greatest gift that you can give yourself.  Last year I was featured in the movie “Shadows” about bullying.  It has become one of my platforms.  The fight against bullying has become one of great importance in our society today among young people and in the school environment. .  Self-confidence and self-respect and the ability to bring your complaints to the attention of those in authority, is simply the greatest way to fight them off.                             
NAM has brought to many positive aspects to every pageant weekend, yet the positive values, the fun experiences and enduring friendships last a lifetime.  My own friendships with my sister queens has become invaluable to me.  We always have so much fun together; whether we’re attending a community event, or during open calls.
            My year would not have even possible without the everlasting love and support of my loving parents, the guidance of the perfect perfectionist Miss T.  and lastly I would like to thank Steve and Kathleen Myers for creating a pageant system that allows girls to be themselves and excel, showing the world that we can be smart and beautiful, ready to conquer the world while wearing a crown and pretty high heels, and for those of us who are not wearing that crown, you learn to embrace yourself wearing that invisible crown with your chin up, shoulder back and a big smile.

Andrea Alyssa John
Miss New Jersey Princess 2014 


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