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Hello, Fellow Finalists
 I think every girl at NAM is a winner. I really want you girls to remermber that a pageant is not all about winning, it is about making lots of new friends, as well as having life long memories to keep. By the end of this week I want you to have at least five friends that would be life long friends.
  Last year when I won Covergirl for Washington State I felt that it was the best thing that ever happened to me because, I got to go to nationals and be part of the State court of royalty. I have been doing NAM since I was 5 years old. When I first attended the pageant, I was so nervous. My second year I went to Nationals, that was the very best because I made ambassador.
  To me NAM is a place that lets girls be who they want to be. NAM shows girls to be confident and to have self exteem. Nam is a placer for girls to learn lessions for later in life to make friends and to have a lot of fun. Nam is a place that empowers girls to be proud of who they are. This is why I love NAM.
  This year I have volunteered at Toys for Tots, R.A.G.S. (Bremerton WA Rotory Association Garage Sale)and Marys Place in Seattle. Helping with Toys for Tots was so much fun, I got to help put toys in bags to give the kids, that would not have been able to get Christmas presents. Helping them made me feel good about helping others and I had so much fun. R.A.G.S Rotory Rummage / Garage Sale is where I had a blast, I also got to help sale raffle tickes for the people to be able to get college and other types of scholarships. While at the R.A.G.S. Sale I got to meet Miss Silverdale when I was there. Marys Place in Seattle WA is where I donated my school supplies, we go there a lot to help out with the homeless Mother’s with children. I felt that this was aways a nice place to go volunteer, because you never know if you will end up there one day. I was told having someone around our age there helping, is something the teen was really needing, when you are at that point in there life. I found out that doing this type of volunteering was a lot of work and tears.
  I want to thank the Mayes, Breaane and Miss Dawn Lee. Thank you, so much for giving me the advise, answering my many of questions and allowing me to assist you with your pageant. As well as giving me this oppertunity to grow in empowerment this year, this experience will last a life time. To my sucessor, the year is going to go fast, so enjoy it as much as you can and make the most of it. I did I visited a few states like Nebraska, and Florida.Although I didn’t get to hang out with my sister queens. I know them from the years and know that they are great Queens and I was proud to be part of their court because they are all ways the best. I am you National American Miss Washington State 2017 Preteen Covergirl / National American Miss 2017 2018 National Preteen Covermodel..
Diane Hurse


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