Check out Miss Texas Teen 2014 Morgan Lackey!

After competing in National American Miss for eleven years, finally having the Miss Texas Teen crown placed on my head was a dream come true. I utilized every opportunity I received to proudly represent National American Miss with my crown on my head and my title across my chest. I quickly realized that giving is endless when you possess a servant’s spirit. What has been, and will always be, one of my favorite opportunities was participating in Children’s Miracle Network reunions. The “Miracle Babies” never fail to fill my heart with appreciation. In addition I emceed a bridal fashion show benefitting individuals with intellectual disabilities twice and I choose to gather, package, and wrap hundreds of Christmas gifts for underprivileged children as my National Service Project.  Although I participated in many volunteerism, my personal favorite was the scholarship foundation I founded in honor of my late father. With my passion for the performing arts, I had the desire to fundraise for the foundation with a Talent Search! I had a blast and it was amazing knowing that my personal organization is changing lives. National American Miss is a pageant of opportunities and unbreakable family, I am beyond grateful to have found my NAMily. To all you beautiful young ladies competing this summer, the main lesson NAM has taught me is to never give up on my dream. Even if it takes over a decade to achieve, the final product is worth the wait. Good luck, and God Bless!


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