Meet Miss Pennsylvania Teen 2012

Welcome to the NAMily !
I remember my excitement arriving in Harrisburg four years ago to compete in my first NAM pageant!  I felt a bit shy, but my goals were simple…to “get my feet wet” and see if I liked pageantry.  You’re about to embark on a journey that will challenge you to grow by learning news things about yourself and build lifelong skills.  Developing self-confidence and interview skills through NAM enhanced my ability to serve in school leadership roles and excel in college and job interviews.   
My time with NAM has been defined by my choices.  Being an active, positive, friendly and prepared participant  are all choices that you too can make that will make your experience most meaningful.  My active participation in the optional competitions enhanced my NAM experiences and I’m confident the same can be true for you.    Of course, success is accompanied by some disappointments,  and I chose to handle those by watching the winnners and using them as role models for my practice.  That approach paid off and I realized my dream in 2012,  becoming the NAM PA Teen!  Proudly representing Pennsylvania, I placed 1st runner up for the national title. 
It’s true, “time flies when you’re having fun” and my time as the Pennsylvania Teen has been full of fun and opportunity, and allowed me to meet many wonderful people. 
I applaud your decision to be here and look forward to meeting you!  Be proud of your acceptance as a State Finalist!  You’re already a winner!

Very truly yours, 
Camille Schrier
Miss Pennsylvania Teen 2012SM

Walking the Runway !

 At the NAM National Office!

Making an appearance!

Making a difference !

Volunteering !

Visiting Schools with my pageant sister!

Pageant Sisters!


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