It's a Top 5 Finish for Louisiana Junior Pre-Teen Leanna Lanford!

Our new 2012 National American Miss Louisiana Junior Pre- TeenSM is LEEEAAANNNA LANNFORD.  I couldn’t believe it when Miss Joy called my name!!  What a year it has been!
I delivered all of the books and stuffed animals that our girls had brought. When school started in August, I organized an Emily’s Smile box drive at my elementary school. We collected enough supplies to make 50 of them.  They were delivered locally and in Memphis Tennesee. Throughout the summer, I visited local festivals, rode in parades and got to meet the mayor of both Pineville and Alexandria, LA.  I got my very own keys to the cities!!  I met Miss Louisiana, Lauren Vizza, too.  Some of the most fun times were at other NAM state pageants where I made lots of new friends. I’ll never forget the fun I had at north and south Texas pageants.
 Nationals was AMAZING!  Rehearsals were so much fun.   I even practiced interviewing with Belle at Disneyland!  Each time I got on that stage, I gave 110%.  I won Top 5 in the Actress competition Then, it was time for finale, which was a little sad ; but what a night it turned out to be.  My name was called as Top 10 and I was thrilled.  Then Miss Joy called out Top 5 and double OMG, it was me.  I wound up as 4th runner up in the country!!  I hope I made my directors, Miss Patti and Mr. Lou proud.
Remember girls:  only one girl can get the crown; but, all of you are winners—do not give up on your dreams.  Well, it’s time for me to split!!
For the last time, I am your 2012 Miss Louisiana Junior Pre- TeenSM Leanna Brooke Lanford.  But in those famous last words of Arnold Schwarzenegger:  “I’ll be back!”

With State Director Patti Schneider 

Fun at Disney !
Making a difference! 
Priceless !


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