Featuring Miss Florida Teen Keisha Abelgas!

Wow! what an amazing journey I've had these past years. My journey with National American Miss began in 2008, as a shy 9 year old, with God's blessing I was able to walk away with the Miss Florida Jr. Pre teen title. Fast forward to 2013, I was blessed again and walked away with the Miss Florida Jr teen title. And if that wasn't enough, I was given the honor to represent Florida again...this time as a teen!! after 8 years of growing with this amazing program I've walked away with 4 National Titles and 3 State titles , but the best thing I've gained through National American Miss, is confidence.  National American miss has helped me come out of my shell and turned me into a confident young lady with big dreams and a great passion for volunteering. 

After winning this prestigious title of National American Miss Florida Teen, I knew I had the responsibility to represent all the girls who competed for my title and create a positive impact.  During my reign, i conducted anti bullying campaigns at local elementary schools and talked about the negative effects of bullying. throughout my reign I made numerous appearances in fashion shows, parades, festivals, and pageants. 

Nationals was an unforgettable week! I was blessed to have taken home the National Casual Wear Model title, as well as placed in the Runway competition, Photogenic,and Most Promising Model. To add on to an amazing week, my sister walked away with the National American Miss Title!! 

All my achievements with National American Miss would not have been possible without my amazing support system! To Miss Del and Miss Michelle, thank you so much for the endless love and woot and hollers! You two are like real moms to me! To my sister Michaela, you are the best make up artist, pageant coach, and sister! You are such a great role model and I can't thank God enough for blessing me with a sister like you! To my brother Red, what can I say?! You are the best brother! From spending hours and hours waiting in line to get good seats at all my competitions, being my loudest cheerleader, to being my best friend! To Mom and Dad, I can definitely say, I have the best parents!! Thank you for spending countless hours helping me train for my pageants, help find the perfect wardrobe, to just being my number one supporters..there will never be enough words to express how thankful I am for you guys! I love you all so much!

 To my sister queens, you are all such beautiful young ladies inside and out and I can only wish that we had more than 1 year to spend together! But we  will always be NAMily! ❤

To my successor, don't take a single second of your reign for granted because 365 days will go by so quickly! Make many memories and take many photos! But most importantly, make a positive impact and have fun! 

To all the contestants, make sure to spend this weekend to learn more about yourself, make friends, and memorable memories with your new friends and family! And remember, no matter the outcome of this weekend, know that you are all winners!If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me! 

Best wishes,

Keisha Abelgas
Miss Florida Teen 2015 


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