Featuring Miss Oklahoma Jr. Teen Hosanna Hales

Hello my name is Hosanna Hales, I have always been known as a culinary
artist who loves crafting, has a passion to care for young children and anything
As of last spring I became officially known as “National American Miss Oklahoma
Jr Teen”! Jumping into this, having never competed in a pageant before, I had only
one goal, to have God’s light shine through me in everything I do. My years reign
began with the continuation of volunteering with the Children’s Hospital at Saint
Francis. I also was honored to share my platform of ALS with my community by
volunteering with my local ALS association, participating in the Tulsa Lock Up,
Slide the City, the Muscle Walk and much more. 
I participated in many parades and was blessed to make a visit to the Little Light
House, a school for special needs children. I had the opportunity to read to some
amazing first graders at Victory Christian Center, was introduced to political 
leaders and made many other appearances. I have been so honored that the Lord
has blessed me with such an amazing year that I will never forget.
To each and every contestant, be yourself. Let the real you shine through in 
everything that you do. Remember, the crown does not make you beautiful. The
sash and title do not define you. Each and every one of you are fearfully and
wonderfully made, and you should be so very, very proud of your 


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