Featuring National American Miss Jr. Teen Brianna Smith

Thank you to Brianna Smith and her entire family for representing so well. Brianna not only won Miss Florida Jr. Teen 2015, but she also captured the coveted title of National American Miss Jr. Teen 2015-2016. Here is a quick message from Brianna:
My name is Brianna Smith, I'm a 16 year sophomore student who enjoys reading, dancing, going to the beach and spending time with family and friends. I am a member of my school's soccer team where I play as a fearless midfielder. My year as the 2015 Miss Florida Jr. Teen began with lots of excitement. I was involved in festivals, Christmas parades, speaking engagements and had the opportunity to be interviewed by channel news 13 Infomas about my journey to the crown.
During my year, I was involved with the Ronald McDonald house where I provided meals to families in need, With Compassion International promoting awareness to end poverty, and Serene Harbor assisting in their mission to put an end to domestic violence. As a girl who was diagnosed with scoliosis, I know firsthand how difficult challenges can be. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that a positive attitude can help you overcome any obstacles you face. To think that in just a year I was able to make a difference in so many lives and empower others to continue working so passionately in what they believe is a dream come true.
Although my year as the 2015 Miss Florida Jr. Teen is coming to a close, I will always cherish the great memories, friendships and countless opportunities I have been blessed with. Through National American Miss, I have learned that life is not about the destination in which you are headed, but the memories that you make along the way.
To all the contestants, this weekend will be a memorable one, filled with so much excitement and perhaps the first time you step out of your comfort zone, just do it, Let the real you shine through and enjoy the moment. You are in for the most amazing experience. Take lots of pictures, create new friendships, challenge yourself at least once this weekend and remember you are already a winner! Keep in mind that good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient, and the best things come to those who DON'T GIVE UP! 
To the parents, your immense support towards your daughter's journey will allow her to experience things beyond her wildest dreams. I'm super thrilled to meet you all! Best of Luck!
Brianna Smith 
National American Miss Jr. Teen 2015-2016


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