Featuring Miss California Jr. PreTeen!

AMAZING!! That is how my year as Jr. Pre-Teen Queen has been. Representing California as a NAM Queen was a dream come true and I will cherish every memory I made. I can't tell you what my favorite memory is, from all of my volunteer work, collecting hundreds of new socks for my campaign Toasty Tootsies, Disneyland and Hollywood at Nationals, photo shoots with my sister queens, parades, festivals, helping out at open calls and workshops, traveling to Washington state, and Oregon as visiting royalty, I could go on and on about all of my NAM adventures, so how can I pick only one favorite memory?? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!
NAM has taught me so much over the years. Being confident in everything you do is my biggest lesson learned. Who would have known that having so much fun making friends and memories would teach you so many important things in life? Because of NAM, I know my future will be bright. It has given me the confidence and courage to face my fears, and most important, the ability to stay true to who I am. Forever a NAM girl is what I'll be!!
Mommy and Daddy, and my entire family, Thank you for always being my biggest cheerleaders and for taking time out of your life to be a HUGE part of mine, I love you all so, so, much.
Megan and Brian, thank you for all of your positive encouragement, California has the best Directors EVER!!
To all the contestants competing this year, And to my Successor, Don't worry about winning, just be yourself, be happy, and make tons of new friends, remember, being Queen will only last a year, but the friendships and memories you make will last a lifetime.
Lilyanna McCurdy

Your Miss California JPT Queen


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