It's Been a Great Year for the 2010 National American Miss Princess Asia Kayla Divino!

Wow! It seems like yesterday when I heard my name announced as the winner. It’s been a productive and fulfilling year for my reign. Our local newspaper made a nice article about me. I got to meet our Mayor and the city council, Congresswoman Veronica Gonzalez, and the reigning Texas Teen Danielle Doty. They all said they are proud of me. Wearing my crown and title with pride, I had fun doing parades and volunteering for different  organizations. The highlight of my reign was the Nationals in California. Boy, did I have a blast! The 1970’s party, meeting new friends, Red carpet awards, thanksgiving banquet, Hollywood tour, the Disney adventure, and Oh! I almost forgot…the wiggling and finally losing my front tooth! Ha! Did my mom almost passed out because of that! With or without my front tooth, I worked myself in the Nationals to make my state proud. I got the National Actress award, the Spirit Award, runner-up in Most Promising Model and best Resume, then finally, Top Five – where I got 3rd runner-up overall! First and foremost, I would like to give praise and thanks to our Lord for all the continuous blessings he showers upon me and my wonderful family. Tatay & Mommy, - thank you for your unending love and support. Not to mention your checks! My sister LeAnn, you’re my BFF and I could never ask for any other in this whole wide world. My brother Axel, you’re the best escort a pageant girl could ever ask for, and you’re the best dude in this universe! Thanks to Steve & Kathleen Mayes and the NAM staff for giving us young girls the opportunity to shine and show our talents and potentials. My sister queens, good luck to all of you. To my successor, first, give thanks to the Lord and I have four words for you --- Have Fun and Enjoy.
Always dreaming big, I am Asia Kayla Divino, your 2010-2011 National American Miss South Texas Princess.


  1. We are so proud of you Asia. We love you

    Lola Des Lolo Nanie
    Tita Arlene Tito Ariel cousins Cloy & Gabs
    Tito Alvin & cousins Budang Kaye Kate
    Tito Rj Tita Nikee & cousin Carl

    God bless you.


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