Meet The 2010-2011 National All-American Miss Jr. Teen A’lycia Hill !!!

 Hello my name is A’lycia Hill I am a junior at Walter Hines Page High School. My activities include cheerleading, student council, prom committee, and volunteering in my community. Winning The National All-American Miss Jr. Teen title has been extremely phenomenal. All of the young ladies competing for this title are truly amazing and I thank God for the opportunity of a lifetime. I was encouraged to participate in this pageant because of my older sister, who has been competing for five years and is currently the North Carolina Teen 2010-2011. After graduating high school I plan to become a fashion designer. My favorite place to shop is forever 21, that’s all you will find in my closet. People would be surprised to know that I want to skydive when I turn 18. If I received one million dollars the first thing I would do is give ten percent to my church, because I believe in tithing. My favorite quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi. My all time favorite movie is Disney Aladdin. As The 2010-2011 National All-American Miss Jr. Teen my main goal is to help as many people as possible by volunteering my time as a public servant and raising money for my organization and platform, which is breast cancer treatment and prevention. To the young ladies who plan to do National American Miss I advise you to be yourself and just have fun.
A'lycia is a member of her highschool cheerleading squad.
Walking The Red Carpet at Miss America

A'lycia Hill volunteering in her community by spreading the Chirstmas Spirit!
At church with her family


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