Samantha Hahn, The 2004-2005 National American Miss Teen has been building her resume !!!

We first met Samantha Hahn in 2004 when she took the title of National American Miss New Jersey Teen. Samantha went on to the national pageant in Los Angeles, California and took home the national title !!!  I knew then Samantha was a very talented teen, with an amazing voice and charming since of style Samantha was able to wow the judges ! Not only was she crowned the 2004-2005 National American Miss Teen , she also took high honors in the national photogenic competition and received the title of Most Promising Model ! Now at age 24 Samantha is living in New York City and it working as an actress ! Her resume is so impressive, you need to keep your eyes open because you just may see her starring in your favorite show !!! Samantha has been on Gossip Girl, Law and Order and even played Sandy in the hit production Grease !!!


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