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Meet the 09-10 National All-American Miss Jamie Roddy!!!

Hey NAM fans its time to get the 411 on the sassy title holder from the Cajun state of Louisiana! It’s my honor to introduce to you our newly crowned National All-American Miss, the beautiful Jamie Roddy!!! Stay tuned and watch Jamie as she represents NAM girls across the USA!!!

Tiffany: What was your first reaction when you won your national title?
Jamie: I was shocked...I just wanted to make to top 5

Tiffany: How did you get involved in NAM ?
Jamie: I think a flyer came in the mail but I'm old, I've been around nam for 6yrs since i was 14 !!! I love it

Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jamie: I want to work on the travel channel, and still do something with pageants!

Tiffany:What to you like to do for fun?
Jamie: sleep, shop, go to movies and out to eat

Tiffany: What activities are you involved in?
Jamie: Im involved with my sorority alpha omicron pi

Tiffany: What is your best quality ?
Jamie: I'm laid back, soo nothing really affects me negatively!

Tiffany: How would your friends describe you?
Jamie: Outgoing, but usually im hard to put into words haha!!!

Tiffany: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Jamie: The Buckle and Bebe

Tiffany: Finish this sentence: People would be surprised to know...
Jamie: I'm shy when u first meet me but once u get to know me it doesnt stay that way for very long

Tiffany:  If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
Jamie: First to win miss universe,  Second to marry the man of my dreams and third to own my very own island !

Tiffany: If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be?
Jamie: The Barefoot Contessa...I wish Icould cook like that

Tiffany: If I gave you 1 million dollars what is the first thing you would by?
Jamie: Pay for my education in full !

Tiffany: What is your all time favorite movie?
Jamie: Mommie Dearest

Tiffany: What is your most prized possession?
Jamie: My memories of my grandmother

Tiffany: What is your favorite book?
Jamie: Pride and Prejudice

Tiffany: Who is your role model ?
Jamie: Anyone with real talent in their field

Tiffany: If you could star on any TV show what would it be?
Jamie: Anything on the usa channel !

Tiffany:What advice do you have for any girls thinking about entering NAM?
Jamie: DO IT!!! oh and read every piece of paper they send you...its important info!!!


  1. Oh Poopee, I am soooo proud of work so hard and always give 1000 percent, luv uuuu, Mumy!!!!!!!!


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