Kaydianna Davis National American Miss Jr Pre Teen 2008-2009

Its my honor to introduce to you our reigning NAM Jr Pre Teen Queen Kaydianna Davis! This sassy 10 year old comes to us from the Lone Star State. She may be beautiful on the outside, but she is even sweeter on the inside. Kaydianna is a sushi eating, dancing diva! She loves to shop and spend time with her family. God has something BIG in store for this talented young lady. It has been an honor to see kaydi grow from a quiet five year old to an outgoing 10 year old. This straight A student, is a natural born leader and has dreams of taking over Hollywood, you never know this could be your next big Disney star !You can call her Kaydi... A word from Kaydianna I am a spunky 10 year old from Michigan City , Indiana. We moved to BIG CITY Texas about 4 years ago. I love it here!!!I love to dance , dance and sing sing sing.. I can sing almost anything.. Like right now.. My mom is typing and I am singing. Also I am very random!!! I could be in a restaurant and just bust out dancing. And or singing and or both!! I am pretty loud. I feel bad sometimes because I don't scream like a girl. I scream really low. It sounds like someone is dying..I love shopping with my MOM and Dad. Ok well not both of them just my Mom and using my Daddy's money. I am the only girl on both sides of the family,but maybe not for long. I spend alot of time at church with my Jlife program. We do alot of mission projects across the state of Texas for kids like you and me. I love sushi again.. there was a time that I didn't like it but I Love it now!! I love Jesus, he is truly my homeboy!! I have a naturally funny family. Well we think we are? We are always joking around and laughing at my brother. I want to dance in one of the Kenny Ortega productions ... Disney Productions. That's all for me now !!! Peace!!! Tiffany: How has your life changed since winning your national title ? Kaydianna: Well I'm a little richer than I was when I started..and I got a frequent flyer miles card. Sometimes I have a headache from wearing the crown haha, but It's been SOOOOO MUCH FUN!! Tiffany:What do you like to do for fun ? Kaydianna: Dancing ! Shopping with my mom, and I love having sleepovers with my friends. Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up? Kaydianna: A lot of things.. but I want to end up in HOLLYWOOD !!! Tiffany:What makes your state special? Kaydianna: it is really HOT ! Tiffany:If you could only tell me one thing about yourself what would it be ? Kaydianna: CRAZY FUN.. Ok that's 2 words but if you but them together its one ! Tiffany:How would your friends describe you ? Kaydianna: Crazy Fun haha :) Tiffany: What is your favorite pageant competition? Kaydianna:My favorite is interview because its a challenge and they are going to know the real me like it or not. Tiffany: Who is role model? Kaydianna: My mom... She is AWESOME ! Tiffany: Finish this sentence: People would be surprised to know... Kaydianna : That when I scream I don't sound like a girl...I scream really low lol Tiffany: What was the first thing you did after you won your national title? Kaydianna: I couldn't breathe ...so the first thing I did was breathe ! Then I thought. are they for real ?? Tiffany:How did you prepare for the national pageant? Kaydianna: I practiced interview questions and my introduction a lot ! Tiffany:What is the best advice you can give to a future NAM contestant? Kaydianna: Be yourself because there is only one you !!! Tiffany:What is your favorite quote ? Kaydianna: Believe in yourself because if you don't believe how can any one else? Tiffany:If you stuck on a deserted island what three things would you bring with you ? Kaydianna: cell phone, food, and my mom Tiffany:What is your favorite TV show or movie ? Kaydianna: Anything Disney ! Tiffany:What activities are you involved in ? Kaydianna: dance of course, Praise and Worship team and Junior Leaders Program at my church Tiffany: What is the best advice you have received ? Kaydianna: People change things but God never changes Tiffany:If you had to eat one thing the rest of your life what would it be ? Kaydianna: CANDY ... I'm an addict! Tiffany: If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be ? Kaydianna: The Day in the Life of ME ... Duh ! Signing Autographs ! Kaydi's Headshot! Winning Moment!!! Now lets meet the Kaydianna's beautiful mom Candice. This mother and daughter duo are just a like and so much fun to be around !Candice is a wonderful mom and has taught Kaydianna what it means to be a true winner Tiffany:What life skills has Kaydianna learned from being involved in NAM?
Candice: Kaydianna has turned from this shy girl who used to hide behind her father when people would talk to her to, An amazing girl who talks all the time !We cant get her to be quiet... She has really turned into a GREAT speaker.
Tiffany:What is your favorite Pageant memory of Kaydianna?
Candice:My favorite pageant memory is when she hits the stage for formal wear .. She and her Dad always take my breath away. I always tear up when I see them.
Tiffany: Would your recommend NAM to other families?
Candice: ABSOLUTELY!!! This has been one of the best experiences of our lives. The title was an extra added bonus. We have met so many AWESOME families across America.
Tiffany: What will Kaydianna take away from her NAM experience?
Candice: Her friends. Confidence . And being able to speak publicly.
Tiffany: What advice can you give to future NAM parents?
Candice: Take all that you can away from this,be your daughters Biggest Fan!! It starts with you!
Tiffany:As a parent how have you seen your daughter change after wining her national title?
Candice: Kaydi has grown even more being the National title winner. She is even more confident and a great role model for young girls. She has also seen the true meaning of ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THEM WHO BELIEVE! Kaydianna and her beautiful mom Candice !


  1. shes the best ever!!!!! i love her!!! if anyone gets to meet her your very lucky shes so cute and spunky and very talented!!!! love you much Kaydianna!!!!



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