Brianna Lewis National All-American Miss Princess

It's time to get to know our 08-09 NAM All-American Princess Queen. This Cute and Spunky kiddo comes to us from the land of Lincoln. For such a young girl she has BIG dreams and is very busy !!! Lets get to know this beautiful tot and find out what it is like to be a real life princess !!! The world better watch out because Brianna Lewis is coming through !!! A word from Brianna Hi, my name is Brianna Lewis, and I am the reigning National All-American Miss Princess. I am a fun and friendly little girl from Illinois who dreams of being a teacher and Miss Universe in the future. I like playing with my family and friends and being silly most of the time. I also like board games and reading lots of books. I know that I was put on earth to make a difference and I am already by caring about others and being involved. I do lots of community service projects and I try to show kindness to everyone. Because I know I can do all things through Christ, the sky is the limit for me!!! Tiffany:How has your life changed since winning your national title ? Brianna: Because of my title I have been able to travel to places I've never been to before and show other little girls that their dreams can come true Tiffany: What do you like to do for fun ? Brianna: For fun I like to play with my friends and my family and watch movies. Lately I've been challenging myself to read as many books as I can. Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up? Brianna: When I grow up I want to definitely be a teacher like my mother. Maybe teach Kindergarten. Tiffany: What makes your state special? Brianna: Illinois is a great state because it's next to Indiana and that's where Michael Jackson was born! Tiffany: If you could only tell me one thing about yourself what would it be ? Brianna: I love Jesus, and that's the most important thing you need to know about me. Tiffany: How would your friends describe you ? Brianna: My friends think I'm the funny and crazy girl in the class. But, I don't get in trouble. Tiffany: What is your favorite pageant competition? Brianna: My favorite pageant competition would have to be interview because it teaches me how to speak to others with confidence in myself and what I'm saying. Tiffany: Who is role model? Brianna: Jesus is my role model, because you can't find anyone better to be like. I try to be most like Jesus and treat others with love and kindness Tiffany: Finish this sentence: People would be surprised to know... Brianna: I wrote my first book when I was six about a cat named Hunter Frisky. Tiffany: What three words best describe you ? Brianna: Funny, Sensitive and Kind best describe me Tiffany: What was going through your mind when you won your national title? Brianna: After I won my national title I thought, "am I dreaming?" Tiffany: How did you prepare for the national pageant? Brianna: I prepared hard for the National pageant. I practiced with my mom nearly every day. I would write my own schedules and put down what I wanted to practice and when I wanted to practice. Then I practiced like I was on the stage. My teddy bears and dolls were my judges. Tiffany: What is the best advice you can give to a future NAM contestant? Brianna: I would tell any future NAM contestant how great NAM is and how much fun I have competing with National American Miss. I would tell her that NAM will help her be the best person she can be. I would tell her to have fun and smile all the time. Tiffany: What is your favorite book? Brianna: My favorite book is Mallory on the Move and it's about a girl who has to move to a new place and doesn't want to, but she does and she meets a new friend whose sister is very mean. Although Mallory's new friend's sister gets along with Mallory's brother, she is still very mean to Mallory. Tiffany: What activities are you involved in ? Brianna: Right now I am involved in praise dance and I do a lot of community service. Tiffany: What is the best advice you have received ? Brianna: My mother gave me my best advice and it is to never give up and trust in God. Now, I tell my mother that all the time. Tiffany: .If you had to eat one thing the rest of your life what would it be ? Brianna: Anybody who knows me knows I cannot live without my chicken nuggets- and please put the barbeque sauce on the side! Tiffany: If you wrote a book about your life, what would the title be ? Brianna: The Queen with BIG Dreams: The Story of Brianna Lewis. It would be very dramatic.
Now lets meet Brianna's wonderful mom Yvette !!! Its time to meet the mom behind this outgoing princess and find out how she raised such a smart and beautiful young girl !
Tiffany: What life skills has Brianna learned from being involved in NAM?
Yvette: Brianna has become a very outgoing girl in large part due to her involvement with NAM. She was very shy when she started NAM, but she is now very confident in herself and what she can do if she just believes in herself.
Tiffany: What is your favorite pageant memory of Brianna ?
Yvette:My favorite pageant memory of my daughter is her name being called as the All-American Princess queen and the look of shock on her face when she realized she'd won. I'll never forget it!
Tiffany: Would your recommend NAM to other families?
Yvette: I would definitely recommend NAM to other families, and I do! NAM is a wonderful organization, and I hope more and more families will come to realize it and take advantage of it in the very near future.
Tiffany: What will Brianna take away from her NAM experience?
Yvette: I think the most important thing Brianna has learned is that she can achieve her goals if she is determined to do so. She's learned that no goal can be reached without a plan or confidence in yourself.
Brianna with her mom Yvette and her little brother...What a pretty family !


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