Check Out Miss Oklahoma Teen Samantha Martin!

My year as the 2014 Oklahoma Teen has been such a blessing and a gateway to so many things in my life. I had so much fun riding the University of Oklahoma Homecoming parade with my sister queens and getting to donate books and school supplies to the Positive Tomorrow's School which is a program for homeless children. I have also worked to help feed families fighting hunger at my regional food bank. Getting the opportunities of a lifetime to give back to those in my community is so very humbling and exciting to see the difference that I am making. Since competing in my first NAM pageant at the age of six, I have gained an overwhelming amount of confidence, poise and people skills. My transformation from a timid six year old to a strong willed, outgoing leader is exactly what National American Miss is all about. I am so thankful for this chance to be a positive role model in young girls' lives and I owe it all to the NAM system.
With Love, 
Samantha Beth Martin
2014 Miss Oklahoma Teen


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