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Former National All-American Miss Teen Alexandra Curtis gives her insight on how to rock the NAM Stage! 

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Top 3 Tips from National All-American Miss Teen 2010 Alexandra Curtis:
1) Repetition is key. 
I used to recite my personal introduction in my head every chance I had - waiting in lines, in between classes, on bus rides, etc. I used all the extra time I had to be sure I could do my intro in my sleep. It is important to have your intro down so you don't have to worry about blanking out on stage but also it is important to sound natural so be sure to find a balance in your vocal tone. 

2) Familiarize yourself with current events. 
I would always read The Economist front to back in order to prepare for nationals. While many questions in interview are geared toward you and your aspirations, sometimes you get questions that are a bit more pertinent to recent news, especially because I would often tie in my own political and journalistic ambitions. If you have a particular news source you like I recommend brushing up on hot topics before you attend! 

3) Don't take yourself too seriously. 
Nationals is a lot of work! Yes, you are competing for the job and extraordinary honor of being a national queen, but don't be too serious! It is important to have fun and take the experience to make friends with your sister contestants. I am still very close with many of the women I competed with over the years. Regardless of who wins the crown, the real winners are the ones who come away from the pageant with refined skills and life-long friendships!

Where is She Now... 

Since aging out of National American Miss, Alexandra has been involved with the Miss America Organization. She was Miss Upstate New York 2013 and went on to compete at Miss New York. In 2014 she competed a Miss East Greenwich at Miss Rhode Island where she placed 1st runner up and went on to compete at the National Sweetheart Pageant. Alexandra has done extensive work with her platform "Leading Ladies: Equipping Young Women With the Skills to Lead" to inspire women to pursue leadership and politics. She has been involved with a variety of women's leadership initiatives from MSNBC's Women in Politics: College Edition to serving as a student coordinator for Elect Her: Campus Women Win. Alexandra currently lives in Washington, DC and West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Alexandra and her NAM days!
She won the 2010-2011 National All-American Teen Title!


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