National American Miss Rhode Island Alexandra Curtis is featured in Jerk Magazine!

Alexandra Curtis, who is the current National American Miss Rhode Island is featured in the latest issue of Jerk Magazine! She is currently a student at Syracuse University where she is studying public relations. Alexandra is the Vice-President of the Student Association and an avid volunteer in her community.

 Check out a clip from her online interview:
"As Vice President of Student Association, Alexandra Curtis is driven by her passion for politics and, most of all, Cuse. Jerk was lucky enough to sit down with her and discover her thoughts on Keeping Up with The Kardashians and what it takes to find sanity for the mass of students she is responsible for pleasing. She also shares her most embarrassing college experience, kicks Taylor Swift and her pop-heavy track out of the country genre, and lets us know what’s in her Starbucks cup–depending on the season, of course."
How long have you been involved with Student Association?
I’ve been involved since the very first week I came here. So it’s been two years.

Favorite magazine?
Can I say two? The Economist and Vogue. If they had a baby, that would be my favorite.

What was the best thing to happen to you in college?
Aside from achieving a longtime dream of winning a national pageant my freshman year and then becoming student body president my sophomore year, the best thing to happen to me was discovering my secret talent for competitive eating. I compete in the Daily Orange’s competition every year. I actually have a trophy that I am really proud of. I was the only girl in the competition and I was partially dressed in my Hilary Clinton Halloween costume. I just barely beat Dylan Lustig, [Student Association] President. I even got a nice Wings gift card. By the next morning I got five texts about a cartoon in the Daily Orange about me winning the wings competition.



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