It's a Top 5 Finish for The 2011 National American Miss North Texas Teen!

To the beautiful young women who are about to experience the best weekend of your life, I welcome you to National American Miss!

It is an honor, and a privilege to spend this weekend with you. I am excited to share in your dreams, help you make life-long friends, and to watch you accomplish things you never thought you could.

I have been a part of the National American Miss organization for the past 6 years and cannot begin to tell you how my participation has helped shape me into the young woman I am today. The skills I have gained are those that I will use for the rest of my life. Whether it be a job interview, a public appearance, or meeting someone for the first time, I now have the confidence, the poise, and the determination to be the very best that I can be.

This past year has been amazing. From being a Brooke’s Beauty in the Walk for Downs Syndrome, to crafting and delivering Emily’s Smile Boxes to Children’s Medical Center, I have truly learned that the giving of your time is life-changing.

To Steve and Kathleen Mayes, a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to represent the greatest state in the Nation. To the Nam Staff, you’re the greatest NAMily a girl could ever have! To my sister queens, thank you for always being patient while I rolled in at the last minute! And finally, to my parents, my Nana, and my biggest fan Michael, your love, support, and constant encouragement taught me to never give up and to always believe in myself.

Ladies, as your reigning 2011-2012 National American Miss Texas Teen, I am a girl who is accomplishing her dreams, and cheering you on while you accomplish yours, 

I am Maegan Alexandra Todd.


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