It's Been A Great Year for The 2010 National American Miss Florida Pre-Teen!

Greetings from Kia Shaw Miss Florida Preteen - National American Miss 2010                                                                                               
Dear Preteen Contestants……….
First I would like to say “WAY TO GO” and congratulations in making it this far to the competition here in Orlando. I know your parents, family, friends and supporters are so very proud of you. I have had the pleasure to meet, work and represent National American Miss (NAM) and I know you will too.  This is a very exciting time of your life, but it is only the beginning for you. There are  lots of hard work and dedication ahead, but it will all pay off with the fun of traveling across the Unite States and meeting new people. Enjoy every day and makes lots of friends and be prepared for an incredible experience.
My experience at NAM was amazing, dazzling and sometimes even a blur. To say that you will have lots of fun, does not even come close to the what’s ahead of you. Be ready for the rehearsals, practices, and an amazing time of your life….It’s your time to shine!  Along with getting prepared for the big opportunity, NAM have a group of wonderful people who always does a great job in making sure there are time set aside for fun and excitement to enjoy with your family and friends. The friendly group of choreographer and photographer are there to capture every precious moment, you will love it!
Although my reign went by so quickly; it still seems like yesterday that my name was called as Miss Florida Preteen - National American Miss 2010. That is one moment in my life that I will never forget. From that point on, I have been very busy and have kept my parents pretty busy too.  My trip to the National Competition in Anaheim California was also very exciting. I captured two National Titles; National Model and National Casual Wear Model. On the trip to Hollywood, we visited the Farmer’s Market, Disneyland, Walk of Fame and so much more; oh my Gosh, what a trip!!! This was an experience and the memories will last a lifetime.
Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Kathleen Mayes has done a phenomenal job; creating a pageant system just for girls like you and me. NAM have helped me to build my confidence, self-esteem and has prepared me for what is yet to come. Because of NAM I have received a proclamation from Congress that was archived in the congressional records for generation to come……how awesome is that!!! I have made appearances and volunteered at several organizations and giving back to my community is such a blessing!
With NAM the sky is the limit. You will experience different cultures, but most of all you will meet and make friendships that will last a life time.  As the new Miss Florida Preteen - National American Miss Titleholder, I know you’ll have a blast working with Miss Dawn Lee Costa and Miss LaKishia Edwards, they are the best!!  I am looking forward to meeting each of you and to offer any assistance you may need. God bless you all, and no matter what, keep reaching for the stars and never give up on your dreams. Good Luck…..
Thank you NAM for the many opportunities that you presented me with.  NAM ROCKS!!!!!
Kia Shaw
Miss Florida Preteen - National American Miss 2010


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