Meet The 2010-2011 National All-American Miss Jr Pre-Teen Jaden Washington

The 2010-2011 National All-American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Jaden Washington

Tiffany: What was your first reaction when you won your national title?
Jaden: Oh my gosh, I don’t even know how to describe it! I was already crying way before they called my name! I was shocked! I knew that I had worked hard for it, but I was competing against so many awesome girls that I just did not expect to win! It is a feeling that I will never forget!

Tiffany: How did you prepare for nationals?
Jaden: The only way I know how, practice, practice and more practice! I said my intro so many times I think I was saying it in my sleep!

Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Jaden:  Well right now, I plan to attend Texas A&M and become a lawyer. Of course along the way I want to become Miss America, the American Idol, and Americas Next Top Model! Haha! I have lots of things that I want to do, but I know that God has his own plans for me and I am excited to see what he has in store for my future!

Jaden at the NAM National Pageant in the Personal Introduction Competition.

Tiffany: What do you like to do for fun?
Jaden: I love to spend time with my family and friends, skating and going to the movies. I enjoy reading books and of course TEXTING!!

Tiffany: What is your best quality?
Jaden: I believe that my best quality is my caring personality. I really do care about others and their feelings. I try to make friends with everybody and make them feel comfortable around me.

Tiffany: How would your friends describe you?
Jaden: Ok, so I actually called some of my friends to get this answer! I found out that my friends think I am a short, curly headed, smart, athletic, funny, pretty and caring person that can always make you laugh! You know what; I think I have some pretty smart friends!

Jaden also WON the National American Miss Casual Wear Modeling Title at the National Pageant.
Tiffany: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Jaden: Justice is my favorite store! It is a store just for girls and they have the cutest clothes for girly girls like me!

Tiffany: finish this sentence: People would be surprised to know...
Jaden: I think it would surprise people to know that I am more nervous speaking in front of friends and family than I am on stage speaking to a huge room full of strangers!

Tiffany: If you could trade places with anyone for a day who would it be?
Jaden: I would trade places with Selena Gomez on the day that Justin Beiber sang One Less Lonely Girl to her, that would be so AWESOME!!

Tiffany: If I gave you 1 million dollars what is the first thing you would by?
Jaden: This is going to sound so selfish, but the first thing I would buy would be front row seats at a Justin Beiber concert!

Tiffany: What is your favorite quote?
Jaden: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. This reminds me that no matter what I am going through, Jesus is there to help me get through it!

Tiffany: What is your most prized possession?
Jaden:One on my most prized possessions is the Bible that belonged to my PawPaw. Even though he is not here anymore, I can look at his bible and see his handwriting and read the verses that meant the most to him. I also have a blanket that belonged to my Big Daddy, it is pretty special too, and I keep it at the foot of my bed.

Jaden's Crowning Moment !
Tiffany: Who is your role model?
Jaden: My role models are Jesus and my parents. My parents are two people that I know would give their lives for me, and Jesus is someone that already has!

Tiffany:What do you hope to accomplish as The 2010-2011National All-American Miss Jr PreTeen ?
Jaden: First thing I am going to do as The National All American Miss Jr Pre-Teen is have A LOT of fun! I want to be involved with as many community service projects as I can. I think that is very important! I want to be a great role model for girls and show them that what is on the outside does not matter; it’s what is on the inside that counts. I look forward to traveling so many new places and meeting new friends. It is so exciting to have this opportunity!

Tiffany: If you had to pick between your cell phone, computer or TV what would you pick?
Jaden: If I had to pick between these things I would for sure pick my phone! I mean, come on, you can’t text with a TV can you!!

Jaden with State and National Directors Steve & Kathleen Mayes
Tiffany: What is the best advice you have ever received?
Jaden:The best advice I have been given is to always be yourself, that way you never have to pretend to be something you’re not!

Tiffany: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
Jaden: This one is easy, if I could eat only one food it would be CRAWFISH!! YUMMY!

Tiffany: What advice do you have for any girls thinking about entering NAM?
Jaden: I would tell anyone that is thinking of doing NAM to go for it! I have had so much fun and made so many new friends through this pageant! Doing NAM has given me so much self confidence and it can do the same thing for them. Most of all I would tell them to dream BIG because at NAM dreams really do come true.

Jaden in National Formal Wear Competition.
Jaden is so much FUN !!! Her beauty shines from the inside out !!
Jaden Washington The 2010-2011 National All-American Jr PreTeen
Jaden Washington
Jaden and Kaydianna Davis The 2008-2009 National American Miss Jr Pre-Teen. Jaden and Kaydianna have became great friends through National American Miss.


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