Caitlyn Taylor Love, The 2004 Texas National American Miss Jr PreTeen will STAR in her very own show on THE DISNEY CHANNEL !!

Caitlyn Taylor Love, the 2004 Miss Texas Jr PreTeen will star in her very show on the Disney Channel called "I'm in the Band" !!! I first met Caitlyn at the North Texas Pageant back in 2004 !! Caitlyn also won the Talent Competition that year and went on to Nationals and placed in the TOP 5 for Talent as well. Back then she was a small girl with BIG VOICE !!! Now she is on her way to become Hollywood Royalty. Caitlyn also starred in the hit TV show "America's Got Talent" We are so proud of Caitlyn we can't wait to see what she does next ! Make sure you tune in and watch her on The Disney Channel !!


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