Featuring Miss Iowa Princess!

I am Aubrielle Hall your 2018 NAM Iowa Princess Queen writing to say good-bye and express my final thoughts on my fabulous year as Iowa Princess. There have been so many memories that I will always cherish and friends that will be friends for years to come.
I’ve enjoyed being able to serve my community by participating in Meals from the Heartland packing meals that will reach all over the world. I also worked with the Elks Lodge Local 160 during their Christmas party/giveaway and during their Easter weekend festivities. It was fun to interact with all the families and help the kids pick out gifts. The East Side Family also showed me lots of love and support. They allowed me to come and speak as well as serve at the annual Eastsider Block Party.
I’ve had lots of great opportunities to make appearances and meet other little girls aspiring to do what I’ve done this year. The YMCA Community-fest was lots of fun and had good food, games and prizes. I even got to get on stage and do my backpack giveaway.
As my year of service and fun is coming to a close I want to reach out to all the little girls working hard to step into my shoes. Be brave, be strong, and have fun! This is an opportunity to represent your state at home and on the national level. Embrace the process and be yourself!
Aubrielle Hall


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