Get to Know The 2016-2017 National All- American Miss Pre-Teen Mariah Hall!

NAM: Tell us about yourself: 
Mariah: Fun is my middle name.  I love going on adventures with my friends and exploring new things. I take pics wherever i go.
NAM: What activities are you involved in? 
Mariah:I am a competitive dancer, actress and a signed model with MSA agency in L.A.  I am the lead youth usher at my church and work in the church nursery.
NAM: What are your plans for the future? 
Mariah: I will graduate college of course. My ultimate goal is to land a role with Disney or Nickelodeon.

NAM: How would your friends describe you? 
Mariah: funny, smart, loyal and caring.
NAM: What motto or quote best describes you?
Mariah: Its only the chances we dont take that we regret in the end. GO FOR IT!
NAM: What is the best advice you have ever received?
Mariah: My mom always said Always do your best and never give up.

NAM: How did you prepare for the NAM National pageant?
Mariah: Oh geesh my mom made practice.  We have a great time prepping for NAM.  Its only me and her and we make it fun and do role playing.
NAM: Where is your favorite place to shop? 
Mariah:Forever 21, Lush and Nike
NAM: How have pageants shaped your life? I
Mariah: can walk with confidence, speak in public and now have a huge pageant family of forever friends.  I am the who I am today because of pageants.

NAM: What is your most prized possession?
Mariah: My new teenage room my parents redecorated for me for Christmas.
NAM: What is your favorite movie? 
Mariah: Moana and Jungle Book
NAM: What is your favorite TV show? 
Mariah: KC Undercover
NAM: What is your book? 
Mariah:The Selection by Keira Cass

NAM  What advice do you have for future NAM girls?
Mariah: Always be yourself, have fun and dont  be afraid to make new friends. Never let anyone steal your inner joy, and always let your light shine.
NAM: If you could be famous for anything what would it be? 
Mariah:Acting and dancing.  Entertaining others with my God given talents.
NAM: What is your dream job? 
Mariah: Making  Makeup and Cooking Tutorials

NAM: How do you plan to use your title? 
Mariah:To promote my Stay Fit Platform, encouraging kids my age to 10 min of physical activity everyday.
NAM: How do you volunteer in your community?  
Mariah:Feed My Starving Children, Donating and collecting books and blankets for the homeless. 
NAM: What is your favorite subject in school?
Mariah: Math and PE

NAM:  If you had three wishes what would you wish for? 
Mariah:A bigger house for my mom, to work on a Disney show, and to be able to make everyone happy.
NAM: What is your biggest fear? 
Mariah: Darkness and bugs.
NAM: What is the biggest misconception about your generation? 
Mariah:That all we do is play on cellphones and dont take education serious.

NAM: Who is your role model? 
Mariah: My grandma, she raised 9 kids as a single mom.  She had a stroke and is now paralyzed and shes my biggest fan.
NAM: If you could go back in time to any historical event what would it be? 
Mariah:To go to school with Ruby Bridges.  My mom made me study her to see how young black kids couldnt go to school with their white friends.
NAM: Who is to most influential person in the world? 
Mariah:To me Jesus

NAM: If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? 
Mariah: Zendaya
NAM: What is your favorite part about National American Miss? 
Mariah: Staying at the hotels, making new friends and bonding with my mom.
NAM: What is your definition of a NAM girl? 
Mariah: Fun, classy, smart, pretty, and can be everyones friend.

NAM: What do you like to do for fun? 
Mariah: Hang out with family and friends, watch funny videos, and go on outside adventures.
NAM: What makes your state unique? 
Mariah:Uhhh 110 degree heat and amazing talent. This year AZ had 3 National Queens.
NAM: What is your favorite food? 
Mariah:My moms homeade pasta dishes.

NAM: What makes you laugh? 
Mariah: My moms funny stories when she was a kid
NAM: What was your first thought you had when you captured your national title? Mariah: That my hard work and preparation paid off, and my parents are gonna be so happy for me.
NAM: People would be surprised to know what about you? 
Mariah:I am a really good athlete, I won the High Jump and Long jump for my school district. I am very competitive in sports and my new passion is volleyball.


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